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White Lemon Recording Studios

White Lemon Recording Studios is a luxury music recording and production environment located in Bogota’s new expanded downtown. We cater to professional artists, producers, mixers, writers and actors who are seeking a world class level production facility, in a private, secure, and conveniently located environment. Our studio is home to some of the biggest recording artists and songwriters and has become a staple in Colombian recording community, White Lemon rooms aimed for an acoustic design that could give a fairly flat frequency response at the recording position.

Sessions are complemented with a range of technology like Source-Connect, Source-Connect Now or Skype to facilitate the participation of off site clients or talent during the recording process.

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Audio Recording

Capturing a performance in a professionally designed acoustic space. We ensure everything sits together in a natural way

Mixing and Mastering ONLINE

Mix your songs quickly and efficiently,

with a professional result thanks to

our “online mixing” service.

Services for international customers

Enjoy competitive rates and first class quality, from interviews recordings for overseas radio stations to surround movie mixing and DSP delivery.

Studio Lockouts

Available with or without engineer, available from 4, 8 and 12 hours blocks, ask us how you can get the best rates.


We help your artistic vision become a reality as a physically and dynamically recorded  album or song with an appropriate sonic aesthetic. 



Pro Tools HDX - Analog suite

Studio A is a state-of-the-art music studio with a large control room and two live tracking rooms.  Equipped with a Euphonix CS3000 analog mixing board, Pro Tools HDX, Grace Design monitoring system, new and vintage outboard gear, a full bundle of plugins, full HDMI routing capabilities, Studio A is suitable for any session.

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The best in town

The Studio features a great collection of High End Equipment with rooms designed to achieve the most precise possible acoustic properties.

Our Recording Studio is truly a full-service recording and production facility. We do our best to provide our clients with an exceptional experience, comfortable and private atmosphere with friendly staff.

We give you the option of renting the space with or without an engineer with very reasonable rates.


Meet The Team


Felipe Leal

General Manager and Customer Relationships


Eduardo Lopez

Senior Engineer

Sebastian Gama


Diego Avila


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Bogotá - Colombia

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