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We offer full-service dubbing and localization services for Film, TV, Web, Gaming, Radio and Apps. From casting to script adaptation to layback. Feel free to ask us about available languages.

We can handle your productions on time and on budget.

Talent Casting

We can handle custom auditions and casting to find the perfect voice for your dubbing projects and budget. Or you can choose from our Talent Catalog

Script Adaptation

As part of our service we can adapt your script to your needs and improve cultural reference to your target audience.


Tell us your technical needs, whether you need layback onto video, simple mixed audio files, stems or even the entire Pro Tools project we can deliver on time using our private secure server.

Project Management

A dedicated Project manager will coordinate all schedules, sessions and deliveries to meet your deadlines.


We are partnered with several ISO-certified translators. Send us the scripts you have and we’ll translate and dub.


Synced dubbing, Voice Over, ADR.

Our engineers, directors and talents will maintain the tone of the original production audio and deliver acting perfection in your target language.

Our assets security policy

  • Secured entry and exit points to our facility.

  • Smoke and fire detectors.

  • Facility alarm connected to police 24/7 and unique codes for each user.

  • All employes and visitors are log and Identify with digital access control.

  • 19 points CCTV system that covers all entries, exits, and studios.

  • CCTV footage is usable and securely stored for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Studios, server room and storage secured with digital access controls.

      Records of all access logs kept for at least 12 months.

  • Sensitive physical assets stored securely in a Biometric cage.

  • Dedicated server for content.

  • Full disk encryption on all production workstations.

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